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Filled with 20 seed-bearing lollipops, this watering can-themed set from Amborella contains two of each flavor. Made with pure cane sugar and beet sugar, with no gluten, soy, artificial dyes or GMOs. Infused with heirloom fruit seeds and flavored with natural herbs. And when you’re finished with your tasty treat, plant the biodegradable stick made from recycled paper in the soil to simultaneously decompose and grow.Features- 2 x Blood Orange + Elderflower: grows elderflower- 2 x Green Apple + Chamomile: grows chamomile- 2 x Champagne + Roses: grows rosetta cosmo- 2 x Strawberry + Basil: grows basil- 2 x Sage + Marshmallow: grows sage- 2 x Lemon + Thyme: grows thyme- 2 x Rosemary + Mint: grows mint- 2 x Lavender + Lemongrass: grows lavender- 2 x Peach + Marigold: grows marigold- 2 x Vanilla Hibiscus: grows baby blue eyesContent + Care- 20 count- Made in the USA
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